Bar Code India - Automating Process, Profiting Businesses

CIO Vendor Retail technology and the retail industry have come a long way and have grown exponentially, in the past few years. However, there are still several short comings that the industry needs to overcome. One such issue is the unnecessary consumption of time involved in daily operations such as measuring inventory. Also the presence of a human during the checkout has also becomes a bottleneck, wasting a lot of consumers’ time. Very few solution providers focus on aspect such as these and Bar Code India Ltd. is one among the few. Bar Code India Ltd. is a retail solution provider, founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Delhi, India.

To reduce the time involved and meet the real time requirements of a store, Bar Code India offers automate Data Collection Technologies that involves Bar coding, Mobile Computing, WLAN and RFID to help get the process of listing quicker.
With these solutions, a retail store can keep track of any product from the time of its manufacturing through a store and then on to post sales support. The company also provides fully automated checkout system, and hence eradicating a human presence, thereby speeding up the process and in turn increases customer support by using that human resource there. The other solutions provided by the company involve POS, Price Management, Inventory Management and Warehouse Management.

Bar Code India offers automate Data Collection Technologies

The company since its inception has provided system integration services to over 3,500 organizations in India and enjoys a very long list of reputed client base such as Metro Carry & Cash, Future Group, Arvind Brands, Croma to name a few.