Future Supply Chain Solutions - Pioneers of End-to-End Retail Solutions

CIO Vendor During the expansion phase of the retail industry, retailers began to embrace technology to effectively operated and monitor their expanding business. Also, the solution providers reciprocated well to the retailers by providing solutions with new innovations and features. However, there was a lack of an end-to-end solution that could take care of all the touch points of the retail chain. Realizing the loophole in the market, Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd (FSC) was founded in 2007. The company that provides retail solutions is a joint venture of two reputed groups, Future Group (India) and Fung Capital (Hong Kong, China). FSC is regarded as India’s first fully integrated and IT enabled end- to- end Supply Chain and Logistics solution provider. The company has two products, FSC Supply Chain Solutions and FSC Supply Chain Services.
Depending on a company’s specifics, the solution can be re-engineered, built and seamlessly implemented. Another product, FSC Supply Chain Services that is further segregated into FSC Contract Logistics, FSC Express Logistics and FSC International Logistics, provides logistic services.
As the industry is expanding both of these solutions have become a part of one whole solution. As several practical problems arise in the course of supply and demand management, sourcing, procurement, inbound transportation, manufacturing, quality assurance, outbound distribution, logistics and customer support the two solutions become an ideal when integrated.

FSC Supply Chain Solutions has the ability to be customized on the basis of customers’ requirements and their operating procedures.

The company has provided solutions to several retailers across verticals like Amyway, Ford, Ranbaxy and many more. FSC’s customer and market understanding has led the company to adapt to the always changing industry. Since its inception, FSC has received several recognitions and recently it has been awarded as Emerging Player of the Year, 2014, by Indian Chamber of Commerce.