Simext Technologies Private Limited - Web & Mobile based "End-to-End Integrated System"

CIO Vendor The retail sector in India is going through a sea change. The various mom and pop stores are gradually disappearing and paving way for organized retail. However, with these advancements, the industry is facing several complexities in making this transition. says Jaideep Hinduja, Director - Strategy and Global Business Development, Simext Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Simext develops web and mobile based Supply Chain solutions.
Components such as procurement and order fulfillment, warehousing, distribution, vendor and dealer management, etc. might be running on different systems that are not woven into one seamless system, causing regular confusions and ultimately loss for the company.
Identifying this loophole in the industry, Simext has developed an end to end system, addressing areas such as Supply Chain (SCM) spanning warehousing, logistics, 3PL, transportation (TMS), retail with POS, inventory control, barcoding, RFID, sales and purchase, CRM, dynamic production planning / PPC, ERP, etc.
Founded in 2005, the company provides Simext BizInt, an “off the shelf / out of the box” web and mobile enabled system. With a short implementation time, the software is customizable and adaptable to cater to numerous ground level requirements.

Strengthening the Backend
A retail outfit can work well only if its backend is strong and well organized. Simext has thus developed unique software solutions that fulfill these requirements. The unique solutions can be easily integrated with any other pre-existing ERP or other third-party solutions - e.g. integration with SAP / Microsoft Dynamics / Oracle Apps / JD Edwards / etc. For Indian market, “Automatic Tally Integration” is without any manual intervention or using third party software.
A major feature that makes Simext’s products a cut above the rest is its ability to be customized fast. Keeping in mind the age of internet and mobile technologies, Simext provides its solutions on all platforms making it convenient to access information from any location and at any time. Easily configurable Auto Email & SMS alerts makes things much easier for customers.
Revolutionizing Warehouse Management and Logistics
Warehouse management and logistics are two most critical components of retail and supply chain; if managed ineffectively it could lead to heavy losses.
Simext is an expert at handling these two components with ease.“In developed countries, the cost incurred on logistics is about 8 percent of GDP. India is lagging behind in these terms and spends close to 14 percent on logistics.We at Simext are working towards changing that,” says Jaideep. Using Simext’s solutions, clients have seen the figure drop to about 10 percent.
Apart from reducing logistics cost and making process more efficient, the company identified that warehousing (WMS) solutions in the market were riddled with inefficiencies. Using Simext’s solutions, one can optimize warehouse space utilization. Efficient picking and put-away / binning policy algorithms reduce shipment dispatch time, and time for arranging and locating products. Simext system is agnostic of the industry and can handle processes across all industries.

“The biggest challenge faced by retailers is to attain seamless integration in terms of the various systems running in the backend,”

Adoption by Large Companies and SME Sector
Armed with solutions that increase profitability, Simext has gained a large clientele both in SME sector and large conglomerates, with esteemed names such as Metropolis, Hyundai, KONE Elevators, Reliance, Sahara, ColdEX, Bharati Shipyard, IMA Group to name a few. With a strong presence in India, the company is on its way to make waves in the Middle-East, Europe and other parts of Asia. Given the company’s end to end solutions, gaining a bigger share of the market is only a matter of time.