Channelplay: Offering Cloud-based and Customizable Solution for Retail Marketing

CIO Vendor In the current retail scenario where the end-user has several options to rely on, it is essential that the retailers promote their brand well amongst the masses. Channelplay Limited, headquartered in Gurgaon, assists global brands in retail marketing with its cloud based solution to drive effective management of retail marketing execution. The solution called 1Channel is a mobile based reporting platform which is designed to help brands and organizations involved in managing retail marketing operations. Usually, for large scale retail marketing projects, the cost of monitoring the efforts of field resources and measuring the quality of execution goes up significantly. 1Channel helps organizations gain transparency into their field operations, making it easy to keep track of the timeliness and quality of execution. It streamlines the reporting process, which not only saves efforts but also generates actionable insights from the authentic information collected from field.

“There are a number of products available today to facilitate field force reporting but most product companies in this field work with enterprise license concept and not as a SaaS based offering mainly due to the level of customization expected from the clients. 1Channel can be easily customized to suit project specific requirements,” says Sundeep Holani, Co-founder & CEO, Channelplay Limited. The company works closely with its clients to achieve a strong alignment in technology and processes. “The key idea is to ensure that the architecture is detailed enough to keep it suitable for a wide variety of workflows while being flexible enough to align reliably to the needs of specific functions and industries,” adds Sundeep.
The process workflows in 1Channel have been designed after a thorough analysis of industry’s best practices. 1Channel aligns the user reporting workflow very neatly with the business objectives of clients. What makes it stand out is the simplicity of managing and updating the system. Due to its reliability and efficiency, 1Channel is today being used by a large customer base across different industries. Considering the fact that reliability of a solution and user experience form a critical part of operations at large scales, Channelplay is steering towards improving these two areas in future. In parallel, it is innovating to develop predictive reports and advanced analytics functionalities inside 1Channel to guide corrective actions. In addition, the company is looking to incorporate more workflows into the solution to present an integrated view of field activities to the management.

Channelplay is looking to cater to other industries as well, like FMCG, apparel and other segments

1Channel is already being used by a number of top global brands. Apart from consumer electronics industry, Channelplay is looking to cater to other industries as well, like FMCG, apparel and other segments that execute large scale retail marketing projects through field force. “We see ample opportunities outside India, where the cost of custom-made solutions are quite high. We are already in the process of expanding our footprints to the UAE. Due to the nature and objectives of retail marketing processes being similar across the world, we have uncovered that clients across different parts of the world are actually seeking to have a solution like this,” concludes Sundeep.