Ginesys: Enhancing POS Systems across Multiple Retail Centers

CIO Vendor Ginesys is a leader in retail ERP for small to midsized enterprises in Asia. The company was incorporated in 2005 in Kolkata, with the vision of providing end-to-end integrated business solutions to the retail sector. A successful ERP system ensures guaranteed dividends and a competitive advantage in the market. To cater to all ERP needs of retailers; Ginesys has a complete suite of services under its solution. It includes: Planning, Procurement, Production, Sales, Distribution, Retail, Point of Sale, Data Analytics, SMS/Email Notifications, Finance and Accounts.

“There are quite a few POS solution providers but we provide a complete solution and complete peace of mind. We are not only the best at what we do, but we are the only ones who offer a no-hassles support and ever-evolving product,” says Prashant Lohia, CEO and Founder of Ginesys.

Steer POS from Head Office in Retail Chains
Ginesys POS system is controlled completely and tightly coupled with the retail management system at HO. Ginesys POS system is an easy way to keep track of your business’s cash flow and helps to gain better control of the business. It has complete cash and counter management with related reports. Rich options such as gift vouchers sales, redemption coupons, picking slip, local purchase, credit sales and loyalty ensure modern businesses benefit from this POS.When there is a need to integrate, Ginesys’s development team provides database level integration e.g. with Ecommerce sites, with RFID machines, weighing machines, payroll applications and large ERPs
like SAP and Oracle. Manyavar, GlobalDesi, SRS Value Bazaar are running on Ginesys Retail ERP.

Sharp Focus on Large-Format stores
Ginesys allows for multiple operations off the store server along with storing the item and customer masters locally. Other features like Gift voucher sales and redemption, picking slip, local purchase, credit sales and loyalty makes it highly suitable for LFS. Ginesys has one stop solution for the entire retail value chain. RS Brothers, Bazaar Kolkata, Jaihind are using Ginesys Retail ERP. With customer attrition less than 1%, Ginesys plans to expand its reach in various industrial verticals in future.

Ginesys allows for multiple operations off the store server along with storing the item and customer masters locally

Leveraging ERP to Assist Retailers
Well known multi-branded family store V Mart is in operations since 2004 and it currently operates in 107 stores. V Mart was looking for an integrated solution for operating multiple stores across the country. Ginesys came into the role and offered a complete ERP solution for sourcing data, making payments, understanding requirements of supply chain, maintaining customer database and managing accounts. Implementation of ERP resulted in huge costs savings and better control on sales & stocks across all over the country. The company is also catering to other retailers such as Arambagh, Ethnicity, Naidu Hall, AND Design, Sepia and Ritu Kumar.