Pathfinder Enterprise Solutions: Providing Retail Intelligence Solutions for Business Growth

CIO Vendor Mr. Sadique Ahmed, CEO of Pathfinder Enterprise Solutions, says “Retail sector is undergoing a huge transformation from being a transaction-based operation towards an intelligence led business. Our research on the sector reiterates that the competition is mostly focused on serving the transactional side of retail business through most of the products in market today. Where Pathfinder differentiates, is the retail intelligence seamlessly embedded on the behavior part of the particular retail client’s business.”

Pathfinder is constantly innovating to come up with more unique products which are in various stages of R&D and G2M

Pathfinder has devised this methodology based on its vast experience on-the-ground amongst retail industry and it has leveraged this invaluable decade long expertise and learning to get to the present advisory mode. The company has evolved into an integrated retail intelligence solutions provider, focusing on the capture of quintessential business side rather than just the transactional side.

Pathfinder’s engagement with the customer is completely objective driven. The company does not just provide the software services but ensures highest quality solution delivery through its managed services. “Our model is most sought after because we are managing everything which a retailer needs to do. We are allowing the retailers to focus on their productive areas and the core business,” adds
Sadique. Today, the complete focus on units of business which are aligned towards core competency helps in getting towards the goal. It is exactly where Pathfinder adds value to all sizes of retail brands & shops, Malls & Shopping centers and even stand-alone SME retail outlets. Through its strong Customer Engagement platform offering, Pathfinder joins hands with retailers as a partner in taking their business(es) to the next level and works with them to lay down winning strategies in-line with the desired objectives. Pathfinder’s customer engagement system is a unique and completely modular solution which is necessarily customized as per the size, strategy, vision and scope of the retail client. The customized offering is then packaged as a plug-n-play solution for multi-channel retail requirements to make it easy to deploy yet with complex backend architecture to make the offering quite robust and effective.

When it comes to retail management, Pathfinder offers an all-inclusive dedicated module - XtreMe Imperium which is available over a browser or mobile app, at a touch of a button. For F&B business, XtreMe Foodie captures the processes to make the business aspects of fine dining & QSR simple yet efficient to operate. POS PATROL is another solution which makes Pathfinder stand out from all competition as it is one of the most revered Sales Reporting solution in the market today worldwide which helps malls, shopping centres and even retail brands to capture Automatic Daily Sales reports (ADSR) and hence visualize for best strategies possible, completely based on the factual information, trends and actual sales parameters. Pathfinder is constantly innovating to come up with more unique products which are in various stages of R&D and G2M (Go-to-Market).

“Focusing on retail advisory, we are primarily interested in taking the business of our customers to the next level of performance and excellence. So, to the retailers who have a vision or are craving for somebody to be a part of their vision, we are the best partner for them,” shares Sadique.Testimony from top global & national retail brands, top malls & shopping centers, prestigious Airports to even stand-alone entrepreneurial retailers, proves Pathfinder’s active involvement as a partner in their resulting success.