RanceLab: Transforming the Retail Landscape with ‘FusionRetail’

CIO Vendor Customer expectations and demands are today driving the global retail giants to invest more in core retail functions, thus helping the retail sector to grow faster. However, several vendors out there who are offering high-end business solutions to help the retailers achieve both customer and operational excellence are not fully equipped to address all the core retail functions while adapting to the unique operational needs.RanceLab, headquartered in Kolkata, has a different approach to handle the growing qualms of the retailers.

RanceLab is focused on increasing productivity with huge cost and time savings with FusionRetail

The company has leveraged a ready-to-use Software - FusionRetail to adapt and retain all the core retail functions such as Point of Sale, customer service, store operations and merchandising. This software is making the retail operations easier to perform while towing profits faster and sooner. “FusionRetail’s award-winning smart client technology keeps your store operations in perfect sync even in offline mode. It gives you the power to control your business sitting behind a workstation,” says Navin Ladha, CEO, RanceLab.

Streamlining Retail Operations
The biggest challenge facing the retailers who own stand-alone retail stores or chains is the lack of simple and efficient software to control
billing, financial accounting, payrolland inventory operations. With cost of maintaining retail operations escalating high due to rising demands from the suppliers, it is posing a challenge to the growth of retail business. Addressing these concerns, FusionRetail handles point-of-sale billing, inventory control, financial accounting, payroll and customer loyalty program. Unlike other retail software, FusionRetail is easy to set up, use and manage. The software helps in increasing sales, and maximizing profit with lower investments thereby enhancing growth and efficiency.

The FusionRetail Difference
The quagmire of maintaining separate software for POS, back office, finance, loyalty and payroll often throws the retailers into doldrums. It is not easy for them to manage their retail stores without having a good understanding on retail practices and processes. However, FusionRetail being a single platform saves the retailers from the complexity of maintaining separate software for POS, back office, finance, loyalty and payroll.

The software comes encompassed with regular and active enhancements based on feedback from successful retailers and smart retail consultants. “It allows retailers to manage retail store with minimum IT expertise. Retailers can easily customize it to adapt to their needs without any coding. In addition it is accessible from desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone”, adds Navin.

To maintain its cutting edge position in the market, RanceLab is focused on increasing productivity with huge cost and time savings with FusionRetail. With its capability to manage multi location and multi lingual requirements, FusionRetail can gradually lure more retailers across the globe. Recognized and trusted by more than 1000 retail stores across the globe, FusionRetail’s future seems to be bright and promising. Moving ahead with a positive outlook, the company wants to leverage the best-of-breed practices and processes to streamline retail operations.