Retailware Softech: Empowering the Retail SMEs to Sustain and Grow

CIO Vendor It has been estimated that India has more than 14 million retail outlets and more than 90 percent of them are in the SME segment. These retailers are going through challenging times with multi-channel operations forcing them to organize themselves. They are looking for a solution partner who can understand their business and help them use technology appropriately to sustain and grow in this competitive market. Retailware Softech, headquartered in Pune, helps these traditional as well as upcoming modern SME retailers from urban, semi-urban and rural areas to run their businesses efficiently. The company has been successful in taking new technologies to the rural areas with a population of less than 5000.

Retailware plans to remain focused on solutions for the benefit of retail industry with Mobility, RFID, Loyalty, ecommerce, Analytics and Dashboards etc

“We have a committed team of 88 people out of which 22 are share holders in this company. We have a state-of-the-art CTI enabled call centre which is totally committed to keeping businesses running. Our domain expertise is a big factor behind our success as we are totally
focused on the Retail sector,” says Ajit Thadhani, CEO, Retailware Softech. The company has associations with Consultancy companies like Action Coach, Your Retail Coach and many other independent consultants which provide it deeper insights into the industry. “Our customer base in 15 states across India is testimony to the fact that "real retail" happens in the hinterland, not only in the malls of urban India and even in these so called "rural" places, retailers use reports on their Android phones to keep track of their businesses which is truly liberating,” adds Ajit. Globalization has caused an increase in the number of brands as well as options available to the consumers and it is quite difficult to stock all the products of all the brands. However, due to competition, it is essential to have a stock of most of the varieties. With the help of Retailware's reports, it is possible to know about the fast and slow moving products and the retailer can stock the optimum quantities. When it comes to integration, there are diverse preferences and it is common to have customers insisting that third party loyalty programs be integrated with the deployed systems. Retailware provides a solution which is flexible and supports the business of the retailer.

Retailware is also helping the jewellery retailers manage their business in a better way. In the jewellery retail market, due to the volatile rates of Gold, the variance in rate between the time of accepting an order with advance and delivery is often debilitating. Retailware handles these issues with its innovative offering, Jewelsoft Plus. Using the solution, the jewellery retailers are able to manage their business effectively in carefree manner. For example, they can change the rate of Gold with a simple SMS.

Moving ahead, Retailware plans to remain focused on solutions for the benefit of retail industry with Mobility, RFID, Loyalty, ecommerce, Analytics and Dashboards etc. To take it further ahead, the company is looking at partners who share the same broad perspective to reach out to larger geographical areas.