Unipro Tech Solution: Enabling Retailers to Adopt Omni-channel Model

CIO Vendor There are several factors which directly impact the sales in a retail store today. Retailers face a predicament when they avoid out of stock situation and find it difficult to maintain the efficiency of purchases. They also have to deal with the competition from the side of e-tailers and the shortage of reliable manpower in the marketplace. Unipro Tech Solution, headquartered in Chennai, alleviates the effect of these factors by providing various tools and solutions to help the retailers compete with other online market players and gives them an edge to retain as well as enhance their market share.

Unipro provides multi-featured RetailPOS solution which safeguards the business interests of retailers. The effective replenishment processes built in the system help the retailer to handle inventory efficiently and just-in-time purchases enable the retailer to stock inventory efficiently. RetailPOS’s robust and quick check out process helps in handling good volume of customers at the billing counters. The software handles transactions worth Rs 1000 crores in a year for Unipro’s existing customers. “As a first step for our customers to go on Omni channel way of doing business, we have integrated the offline and online stores which enables the retailer to handle customers in an efficient manner and the other day to day challenges like price update, stock update, promotions, customer loyalty point management across channels in a seamless manner,” says M. Anbu Selvam, Managing Director, Unipro. To help retailers get ahead of the e-tailers, Unipro has recently launched its latest product called RetailPOS Bridge which integrates the brick and mortar shops with their online stores.
This is intended to give the retailer a seamless integration of inventory, pricing, customer details etc. between both offline and online stores. This will give a head start to the local retail players to counter the online business threats. The company is also going to set up online stores for its existing customers with Magento as their e-Commerce platform and integrate them with their existing shops through the RetailPOS Bridge. “Our secured GRN (Goods Receipt Note) process will also take care of merchandizing and shelf labeling as part of the GRN process, which results in huge reduction of time and manpower cost, while our platform independent mobility solutions will capture real-time data from the RetailPOS system,” adds Selvam.

Unipro provides multi-featured RetailPOS solution which safeguards the business interests of retailers

By offering end-to-end solutions ranging from higher end servers to consumables for the retailers, Unipro has replaced major players like Navision, SAP Retail and many other prominent local players in the Indian and South Asian markets like Singapore, Malaysia etc. The company has partnered with Motorola, Epson, Zebra and Microsoft to bring in latest technologies and automation equipment to the retail industry. A testimony to Unipro’s efficient service and support is the fact that most of the regional successful retailers in India today are using RetailPOS. As a company, Unipro is going on the open source path and working on e-Commerce solutions and app based solutions to enable its customers adopt Omni-channel business model.