Tejas Software- Seamlessly Harmonizing Retail-Vendor Business Activities

CIO Vendor Shoppers and shopping journeys now-a-days have undergone a change so dramatic that, optimizing a shopper’s visit to store/ site has become a question of survival for retail businesses. Owing to the lower frequency of shopping trips and store visits in online retail stores, the imperative arises to deliver an authentic, seamless, branded shopping experience. This has pushed retail businesses into a frantic search for a vendor who can provide solutions that will help businesses establish itself as ‘retailer of choice’ whilst aiding repeat customers.

Headquartered in Denver CO, USA, with its Indian office in Bangalore, Tejas Software helps clients fulfill orders expeditiously and efficiently via Tejas Global Growth platform. Comprising of Order Management System, Purchase Order Management System, Warehouse Management System and FulComX, the solution works together to get orders from different channels and push them through the fulfillment cycle. “The FulComx system helps retailers and vendors to complement each other. For instance, when a retailer runs out of inventory, the system directly orders and ships products to the customer from the brands,” says Sampath Kannan, CEO. Similarly, Tejas OMS is integrated with 30 different channels worldwide. Seamlessly importing orders showcasing different currencies and languages; the solution facilitates retailers to view orders in base currency and in the channel currency.

Leveraging Expertise to Provide Customized Solutions
Successful in helping manufacturers set up ecommerce websites using legacy ERP systems, Tejas takes pride in its deep understanding of the different systems and eCommerce capabilities that can suite a particular manufacturer.
“A manufacturer’s complex data structure is the most challenging part of the transition and Tejas has effectively developed a transition path for the complex data to be structured,” adds Sampath. The quote management software nestled between Salesforce and the client’s Order pulls data from Salesforce leads and product and pricing information from the Order management system and puts together a quote that the customer can approve online. Similarly, myPOmanager a multi tenant, SaaS based solution from Tejas consists of a retailer and many vendors that they can connect to using various modes helps retailers to reconcile vendor invoices by generating invoices in the system based on what is truly received. Integrated with the myPOmanager system, the WMS module accounts from when the products are received in the dock and kept in the cross dock before it is put away thus allowing retailers to configure storage using n-level structure.

Tejas Software helps clients fulfill orders expeditiously and efficiently via Tejas Global Growth platform.

Having developed an Intelligent Automated reorder report that takes into account past sales and seasonal demands to come up with the inventory level a retailer needs to maintain, Tejas has enabled over 1 Million orders for a single customer in 2016 through its Order Management System. The Amazon appreciated company now plans to roll its FulComX system as a market place for International customers who want to do cross border fulfillment. Intending to be front runner in enabling retailers to sell across the globe while providing an end to end solution for shipping through its partners in 2017, Tejas truly is a trailblazer in its domain.