Netree E-Services - Uniting All Stakeholders via a Single Engagement Platform

CIO Vendor The existing POS solution more often than not limit retailers from providing a seamless experience across consumer touch points as they are not only expensive but also arduous to upgrade and enhance; thus hindering agile innovation. This has always kept majority of the retailers out of technology adoption. But now, most retailers are now exploring new technologies that can complement their business in order to gain maximum visibility across inventory, orders, customers, and products. Emerging mobile technologies show the potential to deliver robust capabilities like assisted selling, engagement with suppliers, new services to enhance the in-store customer experience/value, and quick and simple transactions to build loyalty and differentiation, at negligible costs.

Headquartered in New Delhi, Netree E-Services a retailers-oriented Networking platform company, proffers a real-time engagement platform that connects the retailers with their stakeholders. Mobile Engagement and Productivity (mREAP) platform, an avant-garde mobile retail engagement and productivity solution helps clients to engage with suppliers, customers and relevant stakeholders. As the solution works on smart phones and tablets, Netree relives clients of investing in PCs and laptops. Additionally, as the data is saved in Cloud, there is no worry of data back or data loss. Putting the cherry on top is Netree’s applications that are capable of working both offline and online thus giving the client independency on network connections. Along the same line, Netree proffers clients with subscription models thus helping them de-burdening with excess costs. “There is no need for retailers to learn about computing and keyboard layouts to become digital commerce ready. Being mobile makes you start your digital journey instantly and can carry your store anywhere you want to, with no hassles of being in a fixed counter or table,” adds Desi S Valli, Founder and CEO. However the choice is yours, as you may still want a table top device.
Netree offers optional table top all in one android based touch screen point of sales devices d’LITE & d’TAIL, with inbuilt printers and relevant functions, connected through 3G network.

Putting the cherry on top is Netree’s applications that are capable of working both offline and online thus giving the client independency on network connections.

Furthermore, clients are facilitated with the options like wallet payments, e-mailing receipts to customers, placing direct purchase orders to their suppliers, mobile reporting, SMS marketing to customers and many more that are essential for retailers to be engaged with both their customers as well as suppliers simultaneously. “The application UI is designed to provide the smoothest flow of functions and information for even not so literate staffs of small retail outlets,” adds Desi.

Facilitating Retailers and stakeholders to Engage in Real-Time

Additionally, Netree provides a real-time visibility and insight about products performances to large manufacturers and distributors. This enhances and helps in optimization of inventory and supply chain, thus improving the profitability of both retailers as well as manufacturers.

With no such similar eco-system out in the market and with an intent to house over a quarter million outlets in the company’s cutting edge platforms, Netree continues to connect retailers with stakeholders and customers across the Globe. Observing the company’s growth graph, it is prudent to say that Netree E-Services is a vendor worth partnering with in the Retail Domain.