Accentiv: Ensuring Healthy Customer and Employee Relations via End-to-End Loyalty Solutions

CIO Vendor Loyalty programs serve as one of the most crucial ways brands struggle to maintain and retain customers effectively. Constant changes in users’ demands and cut-throat competition are forcing brands to re-invent the wheel in order to satisfy their customers. Headquartered in Chennai, Accentiv’ takes heed to this critical requisite of retailers and delivers multi-local and international end-to-end solutions from channel/customer/employee loyalty program concepts and design to redemption and rewards fulfilment. Providing for both physical and digital rewards, Accentiv’ platforms have comprehensive reward management capabilities. Under the mother brand, Edenred which has already established a strong presence at the EDC POS terminals, Accentiv is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified organization.

Beyond the basics such as customer profile capture and loyalty points ledger, Accentiv’s platforms are built to be scalable, being able to handle millions of customer and transaction data while providing campaign management tools. These tools in turn are efficient to categorize customers, push/ pull email/ SMS campaigns, track customer response/ buying based on the campaigns, and provide campaign effectiveness and dashboards.

Encouraging Customer Engagement
As the loyalty paradigm transits from points earn and burn to customer experience and customer engagement, Accentiv’ puts up value addition via discounts and offers from the affiliates who accept their pre-paid meal and gift cards (Ticket Restaurant & Ticket Compliments). Moreover, the company designs and manages mobile friendly websites/ apps for customer engagement and enables the same through targeted e-mailers and SMS updates. The app enables them to track their performance with respect to retailers in their vicinity and hence allows them to improve their customer engagement.
Technology is not just changing the feasibilities in context to loyalty program design for brands, but also raising the bar in consumer expectations for such programs. Accentiv’s tools like Campaign Management Tool (CMT), TicketXpress and Smart-in-store enable clients to personalize the user experience for their customers. The benefits involve making segmented offers and tracking customer response to the same. Further, it allows providing geo-localized offers based on customers’ location tracked via mobile devices and access to real time customer data to the store employees through APIs linked to the POS systems.

Accentiv's platforms are built to be scalable, being able to handle millions of customer and transaction data while providing campaign management tools

Enhancing Employee Engagement
A structured employee recognition program allows an organization to monitor the effectiveness of the manager in recognizing the employees in an insightful way. Accentiv’s platform employEase, meant essentially for employee reward and recognition, facilitates the employees across multiple locations to ‘like’ the recognition received by their colleagues and compliment or comment on the same thus increasing engagement.

Accentiv’ has plans to leverage Edenred’s EDC presence by enabling SaaS based CRM programs for businesses, making it cost effective for small and medium sized retailers as well. Having implemented loyalty and incentive programs for over 90 MNCs from various industry verticals, Accentiv’ will continue to build solutions adhering to the latest standards of system architecture capable of delivering flexible, scalable and quick-to-implement rewards and loyalty programs across the globe.