Openbravo: Efficiently Managing Growth with Fully Cloud Enabled Open Source Retail Solutions

CIO Vendor Cloud computing is changing the IT landscape and while the retail industry has traditionally had a conservative attitude to new technology, it is clear that cloud computing is poised to play an essential role in every retailer’s strategy to face the challenges ahead. Head-quartered in Spain with an Indian office in Kolkata, Openbravo distributes its software solutions through a global network of authorized partners. Openbravo Commerce Suite as a cloud multichannel retail management solution is designed for midsize and large specialty retailers seeking to transform their physical store channel to progress in their omnichannel strategies.“Built on open source technologies the suite offers greater value and adoption flexibility. It can be adopted either as a new multi-store solution for retailers having a few to hundreds of stores or as a complete all-in-one Retail ERP”, asserts Marco de Vries, CEO, Openbravo.

Tracking Inventory Activity

Presently, warehouses are leveraging new technology to gain real-time inventory visibility across locations and supply chain management procedures. Aligning to this trend, Openbravo renders specialty retailers a broad functionality to increase the efficiency of their inventory planning and inventory management operations. The centralized inventory management ensures real-time tracking of goods movements, inventory status and quantities across all channels and locations, supported by strong warehouse management capabilities that help to optimize all types of inventory operations. While extending its capabilities, the organization also provides advanced demand fore casting and inventory planning capabilities in order to keep proper inventory levels in each location and at any time.

Without a single view of customer and behaviors across all channels, retailers are facing challenges when it comes to implementing successful omnichannel marketing, engagement and inventory strategies. Catering to such bottle necks, Openbravo provides a
centralized customer management to ensure unique customer view across channels. New customers attained from different touch points are automatically available to the rest thereby ensuring complete customer visibility.

Openbravo provides a centralized customer management to ensure unique customer view across channels

Openbravo was recognized by Gartner as a“Gartner Cool Vendor”for APAC and Spain in 2016. With a decade of experience, Openbravo endeavors to grow their partner network with experienced integrators in the ERP and retail sector. Having its footprints across 60 countries and eminent clienteles such as Decathlon and MC Footwear (Lee Cooper distributor),the company has also been serving retailers across different retail sub-industries such as apparel and footwear, sporting goods, furniture and home furnishings. With such accolades, Openbravo ventures to deliver flexible technology solutions that can be used, adapted and integrated into different ways thus helping retailers to grow at the required pace.

Key Attributes of Openbravo Commerce Suite:

• Broad retail functionality built on top of a flexible and easy to adapt commerce platform that is mobile-enabled and cloud-ready.

• Web and mobile POS for a personalized in-store shopping experience

• Easily integrates with legacy systems to protect prior IT investments.

• Available connectors with eCommerce platforms to build advanced cross-channel scenarios.

• Strong offline support to ensure uninterrupted in store sales operations.