ETP Group: Omni-Channel Retail Solutions Assist Retailers to Surge Ahead of the Competition

CIO Vendor Consumer shopping behaviour has changed drastically with the influx of technology in retail. The digital age of retail has begun to compete with brick and mortar traffic but the future of retail shows that unified commerce is about creating a seamless experience both online and in store. There has been a pressing need for omnichannel strategies that can seamlessly orchestrate customer experiences across multiple touch-points including brick and mortar store environments, smart phone connectivity, and online sales. To deliver a unified brand customer relationship, ETP has developed an omni channel retail solution, ETP V5 with features such as Click and Collect, Click and Deliver, Endless Aisle, and a holistic view of the inventory and of the customer. This is done using real-time integration of ETP’s POS, CRM and Promotions engine with web stores and market places, using ETP Connect’s secured web services framework which has the ability to see and manage order flow.

Based out of Singapore, ETP is an omnichannel retail solutions company operating in 22 countries across Asia Pacific, India and the Middle East.“Our software solution covers areas such as omnichannel POS, mobility, CRM, marketing and promotion campaigns, procurement, warehousing, distribution and omnichannel analytics”, states Naresh Ahuja, Chairman & CEO, ETP Group.

ETP V5 is certified PA-DSS v3.1 compliant by the PCI SSC to provide a secure payment card transaction process for retail end users. ETP V5’s Java based POS with JPOS capability further provides flexibility to deploy across diverse operating business environments at lower costs. The solution integrates with ERP applications such as SAP to streamline retail operations. ETP V5 Omni channel Retail Solution with its GST pack helps retail businesses in India manage their taxes
and comprehensive processes efficiently.

ETP V5’s robust analytics engine with in-built retail KPIs empowers retailers to take strategic decisions for improving margins,volume and ticket size while supporting retail business functions such as promotion, price list optimization, demand forecasting, product assortment, and customer segmentation.

ETP’s Omni-channel Store solution enables near real time inventory data across the stores to be updated at the webstore

Leveraging Real Time Inventory Data

Offering a unified customer experience requires accurate inventory information to be available across channels. ETP’s Omnichannel Store solution enables near real time inventory data across the stores to be updated at the webstore. The stores’ stock data is replicated with Trickle Feed Replication method and is updated to a central server. Following this, ETP’s web-service middleware, ETP Connect updates the stock status to the webstore.“The order is fulfilled with the process of Accept, Pick & Pack,Deliver or Collect by the customer”, adds Naresh. In order to track customer buying behaviour across various platforms, the organization’s Omnichannel Analytics solution with its RFM analysis gives insights to retailers to align its customer engagement activities.

Since its inception in 1988, ETP Group has successfully executed over 500 enterprise software projects across 25,000+ stores for 300+ brands. By extending its scalable solutions and robust process integration across channels, the company endeavours to serve large retail businesses by assisting them to effectively integrate their demand and supply chains to eventually improve the bottom line.