ReLOPS: Triggering Quick Growth for Retailers through Cloud Enabled POS System

CIO Vendor With ongoing disruption from the next wave of digital technologies and the need to prioritise investment in the same, it is high time retailers respond to these disruptions in an agile manner. Deploying POS systems and peripherals in the cloud is gaining traction in a pay as you go model making it easier for customers to access the latest technologies and keep their systems updated. Headquartered in Gurgaon, ReLOPS Services Private Limited renders cloud based Retail Software, specifically designed to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and multiply sales. Established in 2014, the organization has been focused to deliver real-time access to all operational and financial data right across the business there by driving productivity, efficiency, enhanced customer service and informed and better decision making.

ReLOPS - Troubleshooting Every Retailer Pain Point

For any modern retail strategy, having a single view system across multiple channels is essential. To increase sales, inventory, and customer visibility across different channels assists merchants to execute their omni-channel initiatives more efficiently. Covering a full spectrum of functionality including inventory management, integrated web store, loyalty programs, marketing, business intelligence and logistics, ReLOPS has designed comprehensive solution and resolved major share of the existing challenges. ReLOPS (Retail Loss Prevention System) is an online IT based retail management solution that accredit small and mid scale non-chain retailers with unparallel acceleration in growth. The solutions also ensure integration of modules which further allows management to monitor and respond to changes in every aspect of the business in real-time via on-demand access to real-time information.
While technology led retail industry emphasizes to strengthen customer relationships and improve the customer experience making the day to day operations easier, small businesses in particular still suffer from slow checkout lines. ReLOPS grants cashiers access to product and customer information by means of real-time dashboards, reports and business intelligence via Cloud. This real-time interaction empowers businesses to track their successful products and services and create targeted marketing based on demographics and individual customer buying habits. The POS solutions aid in easing out the cumbersome tasks of opening up new stores and makes mobile selling, pop up shops and kiosks easier and more cost-effective to manage.

With ReLOPS, retailers can sort their stock by type, class, item description, and more, depending on the product

Inventory management without a POS system becomes difficult especially for companies which are operating both online and in the form of brick and mortar. With ReLOPS, retailers can sort their stock by type, class, item description, and more, depending on the product. Moreover,ReLOPS eases the process of tracking every offer thereby taking care of the essential task of promotions to attract and retain customers.

The company envisages becoming a go-to brand for comprehensive e-business solutions pan India in the years to come. While offering affordable solutions that make the retail process simple and seamless, ReLOPS continuously works to empower small and mid scale non-chain retailers with unmatched acceleration in growth. With these efforts underway, ReLOPS endeavours to push retailers to maximize profits, eliminate waste, and improve customer service across industry.