Cnetric : Converging All Channels for a Singular Digitals Stargtegy

CIO Vendor Enterprises are spending up time and money on multiple solutions from diverse vendors which then need to be integrated effectively to bring value to the company. Unfortunately, this can often take the organization’s time away from focusing on its core value proposition to its customers. Enterprises need a partner who can support their entire digital strategy, and not just elements of it.

Founded in 2003 in Bangalore,Cnetric has been engaged in delivering digital solutions for clients around the world for over a decade. The company has brought in the‘Universal Commerce Suite’(UCS)which brings together all the tightly-integrated best-of-breed elements of a successful digital strategy under a single contract offered on an Opex model. With Cnetric’s UCS,companies are now freed from the operational challenges of managing vendors and component integration, and can focus on engaging more effectively with their clients.

Omni-channel is the Rule

Without a single view of customer and their behaviors across all channels, retailers are facing challenges when it comes to implementing successful omnichannel marketing, engagement and inventory strategies. The Cnetric UCS has been architected to handle Omni-channel commerce at its core. Omnichannel is no longer the preserve of only a select few; rather it is a capability that is needed for all enterprises. Customers today are engaging with their brands not only through traditional channels like web/ mobile, but also through newer channels such as social media and chatbots. But a successful omnichannel strategy usually requires bringing together a range of solutions that cover web, mobile, email, social, visual com merce, conversational commerce, in store digital and so on. However, enterprises are challenged with identifying the right solution providers and integrating them to work together without disrupting their core business. Cnetric’s UCS strategically fits in to this requisite. By bringing together best-of-breed omnichannel commerce components with high value solutions in the areas of cognitive, machine learning, big data analytics, IOT and more, Cnetric catalyses organizations’ adoption of rapid innovation without affecting their core business.

Traditional retail models that consisted of siloes for physical,digital and partner channels are proving to be a deterrent to growth. Companies have realized that they need to create a flourishing ecosystem that blends all channels to work together for the overall benefit of the organization.Since Cnetric has already built the ecosystem in their solution framework,all the way from sourcing to fulfilment,organizations are enabled to quickly bring these capabilities together into an overall strategy that drives growth and innovation.“Whether it is through supplier management capabilities, experience enhancements and fulfilment optimization, our solution has the capabilities that companies need to support the
entire omni-channel strategy”, adds Manohar Durai, CEO, Cnetric.

Using Analytics to Engage with the Customers

As customers rapidly switch between devices, the purchase journey is always at risk of being dropped at some point. Hence, enterprises are on a look-out to find a way to track customers across their entire journey, from intent to purchase, across devices and channels and target them with an experience that is unique to the device being used. This is accompanied with providing consistency within the overall experience that the customer has had in prior touch points. Cnetric’s analytics solutions help companies personalize the customer experience based on the consolidated knowledge of the customer across their lifetime relationship with the brand, the purchasing patterns of similar segments, and the device being used by the customer to engage with the brand. Moreover, it also allows rapid identification of points of customer struggle that could escalate into customer service issues, thereby allowing the organization to take proactive steps to ease the struggle. This combination of journey analytics, struggle detection and machine learning helps enterprises deliver more immersive experiences, irrespective of the channel that the customer approaches them from.

Cnetric Catalyses organizations Adoption of Rapid Innovation with Out Affecting their Core Business

Inventory Shortcomings

A 2016 IBM Customer Expectations Survey revealed that ‘compared to pre purchase, 248 percent more felt that the post purchase phase has the greatest potential to damage the brand relationship’. In more than few scenarios, the inventory promised during order placement goes nil when planning fulfillment is reached.that causes much of this agony for customers. Making sure that inventory related issues don’t cancel the hard work done to engage the customer, a centralized view of cross-enterprise inventory at any point of time is required. This increases the confidence in inventory-promising during order placement, and the likelihood of successful fulfillment. With the best-of-breed order management platform capabilities in the UCS, organizations come to know exactly what inventory is currently available through out the enterprise and in which location. This view allows the company to inform the customer of inventory availability online or in-store or in any other channel, thereby being able to save a sale that may otherwise have been lost due to an imperfect view of inventory.

Cnetric has invested time and resources to understand and build capabilities in the technologies that show promises towards the future. At the same time, Cnetric will continue to support the functionalities demanded by clients today. This includes research into microservices and API based solutions, AI/cognitive, IOT, and blockchain.