Enhancesys Innovations: Creating a Singular Digital Marketplace for Distributors and Retailers

CIO Vendor A majority of large enterprises and small/medium sized businesses face the ambiguity of awfully fragmented Sales and Distribution networks. This flows as a lack of transparency in the distribution channel right up till the consumer. The manufacturers and suppliers are left with very little data to gather real-time understanding of consumer demands and changes in preferences/choices. Consequently, distributors struggle to optimize delivery and manage their sales force. More so, with exasperating processes of cash collection and credit pains,the challenges just seem to pile up. Retailers,especially the unorganized ones, are perceptibly shut off from critical credit lines and business operation tools due to lack of visibility.

There is a need to contribute to the retail segment in the endeavor to upgrade capabilities in omnichannel retailing and supply chain. Hitting right at the epicenter of these market dilemmas and the corresponding needs, Cupertino headquartered Enhancesys Innovations takes a systematic approach to build an in-depth framework aligning all the nodes of the sales and distribution chain in its entirety.

Comprehensive Sales, Distribution and Channel Management System

After focused study on the aforementioned bottlenecks of the Sales and Distribution network, Enhancesys Innovations brings to the table a comprehensive platform for business’ sales and distribution eco-system called Sales Network Operations Center (S-NOC). This SaaS platform creates a first of its kind, fully integrated digital distribution and retail marketplace for enterprises, small businesses and retailers. The platform brings together multiple stakeholders from diverse manufacturing, distribution, retail and financial value chains onto a universal digital platform. Enhancesys’ S-NOC, with a
robust, secure and high throughput design aims to deliver the much needed 360 degrees visibility across all layers. While the primary focus of all existing ERP platforms continues to be on functionalities/processes within the enterprise, Enhancesys breaks away from this stencil approach to automate, with S-NOC, the entire distribution chain connecting distributors with the retailers to create an end-to-end marketplace. This connected eco-system ensures new trading partnerships, seamless flow of goods and e-payments, thereby, assuring simplicity of doing business with cost effective and revenue generating opportunities.

Enhancesys has a vision to create a digital marketplace for organizations to discover a seamless networkof suppliers, distributors and retailers

“The ease of adoption, usage and subsequent maintenance services for S-NOC are geared to enhance the customers’ business profits. This is accomplished by SaaS service offering and convenient pricing models that allow customers to make use of the product on a ‘pay-per-use’ model with no upfront investments”,enunciates Atul Chopra, Founder, Enhancesys.

The strong knowledge capital is the result of over a decade and a half of domain expertise in, innovating world-class products. This drives the core design philosophy for the company. Having successful roll-outs pan-India,the company is poised to be a major technology provider for the country’s businesses. Enhancesys has a vision to create a digital marketplace for organizations to discover a seamless network of suppliers, distributors and retailers. With that vision in place,Enhancesys Innovations envisages becoming partner to businesses of varied sizes - from enterprises to the small scale shops- empowering them with deeper business insights and greater operational and business efficiencies.