eVanik: Assisting Retailers to Operate in Multiple Marketplace Channels with Ease

CIO Vendor The accession of e-commerce in the industrial economy has been affirming to the advantage of the SME sector. The SMEs often face challenges in terms of credit and finance and some struggle in augmenting businesses, adding more demand channels and connecting with the right set of suppliers and customers.

eVanik Networks Private Limited, with headquarter at Noida is an online ecosystem that enhances and manages businesses of online and offline sellers and retailers by seamlessly connecting them to their neighbourhood online end customers. Since its inception, eVanik has emerged as a trusted business tool provider (service provider/ confidence provider) for sellers, retailers and marketplaces.

Being one of the fastest growing cloud based services platform for SMEs and retail stores, eVanik focuses on fuelling growth for SMEs and retail stores in India. The company has designed a multi-dimensional platform that assist SMEs to connect with additional demand channels, there by streamlining and augmenting their business efficiencies. By incorporating cloud based POS for hyper local retail stores, the platform also provides ancillary service connections that include working capital, insurance, logistics, web-stores and marketplaces.

Further eVanik enables centralized warehousing, order processing and return management for the customers selling across multiple online spaces. These distinct features and integrations allow retailers to manage their orders,inventory and payments from multiple channels to a single interface with detailed reports thereby triggering real time checks bringing confidence and improvement in short time.

eVanik’s Comprehensive Attributes

eVanik has identified Digital Services as a key to the growth of SMEs. Predominantly, online presence of an SME differentiates its offerings
by allowing reaching to a larger audience and induce a faster connect with customers. Therefore, eVanik propounds digital webstore, marketplace or any other web based automation service. “Some of the modules that we have developed for our clients include WMS (Warehouse Management System), DMS (Distribution Management System), GST Connect (Automation of GST related invoice uploading and compliance requirements) and CRM”, adds Mayank Kumar, Co-founder, eVanik.

The company has designed a multi-dimensional platform that assist SMEs to connect with additional demand channels

The computer-driven store simulation techniques is rapidly gaining momentum among consumers to achieve their business objectives, through personalized user experience. Aligning to the trends, eVanik extends its Cataloguing and On-boarding services with an auto mapping recommendation engine that converts simple files into e-commerce friendly and detailed catalogue. Moreover, eVanik’s OneWorld suite supports integration of orders, inventory and payments into its inbuilt accounting module. With features such as order to invoice, inventory reconciliation, POS module, purchase management, manufacturing module and tax management, this platform wins over most existing stand alone accounting software.

While attaining strategic tie-up with leading banks and NBFCs, eVanik has also aligned with many eminent and well established supply chain and logistics companies in India. By delivering digital lending process, the company has assisted over 50 SMEs to obtain customized lending and loans through these financial institutions. Further more, in less than five months of a beta launch, eVanik has already served 3000 SMEs using the platform. eVanik envisages to become one stop digital automation and digital support solution for accounting, ERP, supply chain, omni channel management and ancillary services through a digital route.