Quinnox: Transforming Businesses to 'Launch Pads of Innovation

CIO Vendor The ease of digital commerce, demographic changes, availability of easy-to-use and integrated technologies, all pervasive connectivity and adaptive mobile applications, has fuelled the growth of the retail industry. Focusing on key digitally disrupted and impacted areas in Retail and CPG industry, Chicago headquartered Quinnox, having technology centers in India out of Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune, has developed a robust digital transformation approach. The approach emphasizes on an intuitive customer experience and operational excellence.

The convergence of brick and click has forced retailers to redesign their sales channel strategies and has shifted the balance of power in favour of the consumers. To meet requisites of the digitally connected customers, Quinnox has designed an Omni Channel framework that helps to integrate multiple backend systems such as merchandizing, supply chain, store sales, ecommerce and mobile backend systems into one platform. The framework enables real time access to sales and inventory thereby providing a 360 degree view.

Enhancing Visibility throughout the Supply Chain

Today’s retail landscape features a highly interconnected, interactive and intelligent ecosystem. There are sweeping transformations happening on the supply side including supply chain,logistics and distribution, ware housing etc. The use of the right disruptive digital technologies to optimize the supply chain can bring significant differentiation to retail enterprises.

Enhancing e-commerce Application

A leading office supply retailer in North America desired to enhance e-commerce application by adding significant third party vendor features. Leveraging decades of experience in delivering agile implementations, Quinnox was able to provide a complete industry scalable e-Commerce solution substantially multiplying the functionalities that was imperative for customers to make their buying decisions.

Omni Channel - Disruptive Digital Technologies can Create Superior CX
The digitally connected consumer expects an' omni-channel' experience at every touch point. The advancement in ecommerce has made it possible for retailers to redefine commerce in physical locations. This is shattering down walls between online and in-store purchases thereby allowing customers and retailers to benefit from the sharing of real-time information. Observing these ongoing trends, Quinnox propounds its QSense platform that utilizes ibeacon technology in order to enable businesses to track their user journey within premises. Being a complete package, QSense boosts sales with personalized content and real-time offers thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

When the biggest name in retail electronics in America needed to create a seamless omnichannel experience and make shopping personalized and interactive for their customers, they turned to Quinnox.

Our team developed an innovative enterprise mobility solution that fulfilled these goals, resulting in a 93 percent adoption rate in under 60 days by all North American stores. Additionally the project will result in USD 9 million in incremental revenue and a significant reduction in operating cost.

A Roadmap to your 'Digital' Destination

Our digital roadmap approach has been readily em¬braced, leveraged,and appreciated by retailers, stands testimony to our experience in serving multiple retailers. By deploying disruptive technology with unwavering commitment to customer centricity, Quinnox strives to become ‘Most Relevant Technology Partner of Choice’for forward-thinking enterprises across multiple industries.

The Quinnox Digital Roadmap Approach has helped Retailers:

• Reduce product delivery time from 4 days to 1
day using a field-force mobile app.
• Improve customer sentiment analysis through
digital gamification & applied data science
• Enhance in-store experience that resulted in
40 percent increase in a retailer’s sales
• Reduce the impact of show-rooming by providing
price comparison and product information
for better deals and decision making
• Improve employee engagement
• Create new digital business models