Exclusife: Connecting Pop-up Stores and End-customers through Digital Platform

CIO Vendor Today, consumers expect to access and buy products and services anytime and from anywhere. They switch easily from smartphone to tablet to desktop multiple times in a day, engaging with brands through emails, social media, online chat, and customer service. Staying abreast with consumer behaviors and current trends is a must for today’s marketer. Exclusife, headquartered in Noida, helps SME retailers leverage the latest web, mobile, and Internet technologies to compete and tackle the triple threat of large retail chains, e-commerce, and growing customer sophistication. “We accelerate sales for small businesses in two ways, CRM and VRM (Visitor relationship management). These two approaches have earned us more than 8000 stores in association”, informs Anand Krushnan, Co-Founder, Exclusife.

Exclusife's mission is to help offline retailers increase their revenue by managing the complete lifecycle of a customer: from connecting to them on each store visit, to growing their engagement with the brand, to leveraging data to find and target new customers. The company focuses on pop-up stores which are not present in the e-commerce platform and provide a one-stop solution for all those SME’s to address their pain-points. Exclusife products help SME retailers grow their business by turning prospects into customers and bringing back existing customers. The company facilitates such retailers with SaaS offerings. Exclusife provides automated internet based software wherein the user can manage the customers and convert a prospect into a buyer. Similarly, one can pull their existing customers back to increase the repeated business. Exclusife is availing these services by having automated and segregated campaigning for different databases.
Furthermore, as end-customers find e-commerce more convenient due to the web connectivity, customers go for it first. However, the pop-up stores do not enjoy the same luxury as their operating area is up to 3-4 km. Therefore, Exclusife with the help of the digital platform tries to connect the gap between store and end-customer, where the products can be bought by them after getting the full insight for it. Exclusife also provides KYC for data collection. The store manager can stock all the numbers and special days of the customer to get connected and turn them into a buyer by providing offers. Exclusife’s platform uses AI, Analytics, Mobile, and Web technologies to bring offline retailers with the sophistication of the online world.

Exclusife provides automated internet based software wherein the user can manage the customers and convert a prospect into a buyer

Proven Customer Retaining Strategies
With such an efficient digital platform, Exclusife has proven its state-of-the-art built for a multi-outlet and multi-brand mobile phone reseller in South India which enhances customer experience and retention in their business. Not only has Exclusife implemented the platform to know customers better, but also has made marketing easier and reliable. In a similar venture, Exclusife has delivered a one-stop solution to a supermarket in Delhi. Exclusife retained the customers for the supermarket and managed them at one place effortlessly. Currently, the supermarket organization is leveraging Exclusife’s solutions in 14 cities. Exclusife's mission is to transform the retail experience for the 5 Billion people living in growing economies. Encouraged by the fact that the heartbeat of retail truly lives and breathes in the offline world, Exclusife shows promises to innovate and excel further for the SME segment at large.