Kapadia Business Consultancy: Progress Partner For New-Age Businesses

CIO Vendor A competitive industry like retail is no easy feat for small businesses to master. But that does not mean they should not run the race. Incepted in May 2016, Kapadia Business Consultancy started its journey with a focus on employing self-developed expertise and rich experience in order to help retail clients evaluate and fine-tune their Economic Model for improved profitability and working capital, while building for long term success in a dynamic market like retail.

Essentially focused on Retail, KBC believes in staying updated with international and local market analysis. The exclusive and sole focus on retail allows KBC to dedicate its resources in providing unsurpassed retail advisory expertise. KBC Retail Consulting has a reputation for delivering transformative, measurable results, based on clear, actionable recommendations tailored to each retailer’s unique retail business. KBC’s retail consultants work efficiently and proactively to create maximum value by addressing each retailer’s core. The consultants ensure to address their complex operational and financial issues, rather than inundating clients with large power point decks that often fail to translate into change.

KBC does not adopt the traditional consulting model wherein clients are largely served by junior consultants. On the contrary, the top management of KBC themselves spend a lot of time on floor doing a lot of research studies before actually beginning to provide solutions. The firm believes that each retail business is unique. “Our theory says, health of any retail is based on 4 pillar i.e Staff, Stock, Display (VM) and Sales. We analyse current situation of retail and then provide solutions in such a way that all pillars come in a harmony and give optimum output to our clients”, explains Ratish Kapadia, Founder, Kapadia Business Consultancy.
360 Degree Transformation of Struggling Businesses
KBC recently worked for the manufacturing unit and supply chain of a Mumbai based retail store. KBC team started with 5,000 Sqft cosmetics retail store. The firm began with staff, churning them out on the basis of SWAT analysis to get best people for the job. Necessary changes were made in their working responsibilities and JD (Job Description). KBC designed growth path and rigorous training & motivation programs that helped to reduce cost and increase productivity. It was right within the 10 percent of sales. Having sorted the staff challenges, KBC stepped on the floor and spent decent time on the floor to understand customer profile, flow at the pick time, categories and display. After making report, the team expended the retail space twice without increasing any additional cost in resources which gave a straight 30 percent rise in sales. In agreement with the client, KBC mutually decided to focus on particular category and improved the sales to almost double within 6 months. Dead stock came down from 38 percent to 10 percent. After this step, KBC team focused on the customer side and enhanced the Customer experience with more product range, wide display, communication and customer friendly policies. And finally, the expert team redesigned overall operations and processes of the store to give it large format outlook.

KBC’s retail consultants work efficiently and proactively to create maximum value by addressing each retailer’s core

Having rescued a number of retail businesses, KBC is now focusing on small and mid - sized retail formats in the years to come. “We believe there is lot of potential in that segment”, adds Ratish. Therefore, KBC is working on systems which would give multifold growth thereby helping smaller retailers to stand strong and compete with industry giants.