Kypsa: Bringing Product Story To Life To Accelerate Brand Growth

CIO Vendor E -commerce continues its march towards becoming the most popular shopping medium across the atlas. The latest trends in retail are driven by a combination of an evolving technological landscape and the shifting preferences of consumers as demographics start to skew younger. Having undergone a significant transformation in the retail sector, Kypsa, based in Mumbai, is a brand and activation design agency – which helps bringing product & brand experiences alive through engaging storytelling and immersive engagement. The organization believes that stories come to life when there is a seamless amalgamation of design and technology.

“We work with most of the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) plan across the globe to help them bring alive their product stories across different channels. It can be a point-of-sale retail to the mall to different kinds of product experience channels. It also includes home to home activation including digital ecommerce and digital socio-media kind of activations. So our expertise is to create the content the story & overall design execution for this activation”, explained Shuchi Gangwal, Founder, Kypsa.

Holistic Design Approach
The retail market is in an age of shift where one can see an omnichannel consumer breaking the walls between brick & mortar stores and e-commerce. Retailers have to do the job of influencing a shopper in a holistic way, such that brand experiences are delivered with similar momentum across the channels. Technology is changing every day, but the content & product stories are at the heart of it. Likewise, Kypsa helps to
build, visualize and deliver product stories with a two-pronged approach. The company helps the retailers or brand showcases the features users want to see, and at the same time enable consumers to always choose better.

Kypsa is an end to end design firm with user-centricity at the heart of its thinking. The firm ideates, creates & activates with the company’s designs, web-based development, and multimedia content creation capabilities. Since Kypsa is an all integrated firm, it visualizes using end output feasibility in mind so that there is no gap in what one imagines and builds. Kypsa helps consumers select the right product and also helps brands to communicate the right messages. “Kypsa helps build stories and experiences to map the right products with the right consumer needs. We start with consumer insights so that the product story is curated for the consumer and not the other way round", adds Shuchi.

Kypsa is an end to end design firm with usercentricity at the heart of its thinking

Similarly, the company helped a personal care products brand to co-create a story where Kypsa was required to create an asset that will bring to life the moisturization benefits of the product. Kypsa cocreated the product demo with the client and finally produced the film. This film has been adapted for use in various countries by the brand. Philippines has close to 5 million hits on YouTube and Indonesia has half a million hits. As a five-year-old company, Kypsa is currently servicing 40 plus clients in over 15 plus countries across the globe. Further, Kypsa is building capabilities to step up on the digital front and explore areas to drive multisensory product stories across the world with 6 seconds/15 seconds attention span for the ever-busy and on-the-move consumers.