Logic Information Systems: Technology Partner Rethinking Retail

CIO Vendor The last 15 years has seen retail transform into a cut-throat industry. This was induced and majorly driven by customers who wanted to shop differently. It still is going through major shape shifts in terms of how brands communicate their message to the target audience. Most consumers are embracing technological developments in the retail industry with open arms. Developments that came into our lives only a few years ago are now second nature such as contactless payments and digital signage. It’s now difficult to imagine what the shopping experience was like before these innovations. While this is the picture, it’s absolutely paramount for retailers to adopt technology from the core out.

Based out of Bloomington, Minnesota, with Indian offices at Bengaluru and Chennai, Logic Information Systems is a Retail technology company that provides IT solutions, ERP Implementation and Strategic Advisory services to Retailers globally. Logic Information System solves retail problems through a consumercentric lens towards solving business problems through retail systems integration. The company is strategically well positioned to cater to retailer’s technology needs mainly in the areas of omni-channel, point of service, merchandising and assortment forecasting and planning. Market is soaring with the in-Store digitization and a platform that tracks customer’s buying patterns. At the helm of it, Logic is making significant investments to bridge the gap between the modern technology tools and their back office IT Systems. Logic is uniquely positioned to understand their existing IT landscape and legacy ERP systems well enough and fast growing in the digital footprint.

“Retailers are facing every day newer challenges with convergence of in-store shopping and ecommerce. Customer are better equipped about the products and best prices available in the market. It is already time that Retailers invest their money in Technology to meet the current customer
expectations. Meanwhile Indian retailers do face lot of process challenges due to the unorganized business eco systems. Our deep domain skills help retailers to overcome or simplify the business processes through technology which can result in better margins”, informs Prabhu Kumar, CoFounder, Logic Information Systems.

Logic Information Systems constantly focuses on improving the data quality in its IT systems

Adopting the New Age Technologies
Logic Information Systems constantly focuses on improving the data quality in its IT systems along with marginal investments on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The firm believes that this approach will empower retailers to make more accurate business decisions for their operations and in turn help cutting their operating costs and improve margins. However, technology continues to morph the rules of engagement; consumers are more demanding than ever, and getting them to notice any brand amid all the noise in the market is an even greater challenge. Logic has been efficient to resolve this challenge through integrating client’s forecasting or predicting systems to popular social media platforms allowing the brand to reach and understand the larger consumer base. This will provide great insights into the consumer purchase pattern for retailers so that they can up sell or cross sell to the right audience.

In a recent venture with an international wholesaler, Logic implemented a retail ERP solution. The wholesaler ventured in India through B2B model. Logic successfully implemented the Retail IT systems in a record time of 8 months and allowed them to open their first store on a scheduled go-live date. In the years to come, there will be more convergence of online-offline stores and customers will expect more options for conducting a transaction. Logic is committed to invest in bridging the gap between the existing IT systems and the modern ML/AI based retail technologies to help retailers to address the shifting consumer and retail requirements.