Visionet: Visioning Solutions For Digital Retailers

CIO Vendor A well arranged, systematic, and stocked retail enterprise will always have concern regarding the folk of customers in providing them with best quality approach. In the run to accomplish goals and marking new milestones, a retailer might stumble on pitfalls due to the absence of a real adviser for their problems. It is advisable to seek aid for even the slightest thing for the blood, sweat and tears that is put to build our dream. For a retail business, rather than being an exclusive supplier of goods and products, it also plays an important part in the fundamental segments of the economy. It becomes essential for a dealer who is involved in a retail business to look for painting new phases to their business in the changing environment of technological advancements. Today, the tiller of every retail business has been controlling and spinning based on technology. In this era of technological evolution, United States based Visionet, with a branch in Bangalore, opens the door to a world of retail enterprise solutions for the changing business culture.

Consulting, Implementation, and Support
The best practice of any retailer is to identify their customers and provide services based on that. In the retail marketing platform, ‘360-degree view of customer’ is a buzzword for obtaining a single, end-to-end picture of the customer’s journey. Achieving a complete 360-degree view of the customer starts with the ability to mine and understand data. Visionet helps in this strategic approach using AcuitySpark that enables brands to offer the best customer experience across all channels. Visionet’s proprietary technology and framework provides the scaffolding for retailers to achieve true omni-channel capabilities.

“AI and AR are beneficial in providing insights into the needs of customers and creating customer journey. It can help retail brands define their customer personas more precisely, including their buying preferences and journeys by combining brand, event preferences, and transaction
histories”, says Alok Bansal, Managing Director and Country Head- India, Visionet.

Since customers are the sole component that decides the survival of an enterprise, customer service is one of the top factors that impact how shoppers perceive a brand. Therefore, Visionet considers chatbots as a great option to increase customer satisfaction levels. Though chatbots are very easy to integrate, the use of chatbots in retail is still in its infancy. Visionet assesses that brands can integrate a simple rating function for an order in the confirmation page or in follow-up emails. Retailers need to make sure that they have got a visible profile on popular review sites such as Google Local, Trustpilot, and Yelp. Visionet offers retailers a number of solutions that moves one-step ahead from the usual profit-centric approach.

Visionet’s proprietary technology and framework provides the scaffolding for retailers to achieve true omni-channel capabilities

Rebecca Taylor, a lifestyle brand, was provided with digital services to streamline their customer experience, including UX, creative, content, merchandising, and development. Visionet helped in revamping its customer stories, empowering merchandisers to easily push fresh content to their website and improve social engagement. By providing services like MaaS, Post implementation support and maintenance, and eCommerce development, Visionet assisted Rebecca Taylor with technologies of Saleforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) and Saleforce Marketing Cloud.

In a competitive landscape that urges retail solutions for new and upcoming problems, Visionet is geared towards unifying retailer applications and systems. By employing the advanced technologies like AI, Bots, and Integrated Analytics, Visionet is looking forward to making operations more agile. For the company, it is essential to deliver a stellar experience to their customers today and be better prepared for the inevitable change in the retail world for tomorrow.